Clifton Community Council



Letter to: Mayor, Council Woman, Chief of Police, State Rep.

Mr. Jerry Abramson, Louisville-Jefferson County Metro Mayor
Ms. Tina Ward-Pugh, 9th District Metro Councilwoman
Mr. Robert White, Louisville-Jefferson County Chief of Police
Mr. Reginald Meeks, State Representative
Mr. John Baker, Clifton Community Council

Dear Mr. Abramson, Ms. Ward-Pugh, Mr. White, Mr. Meeks and Mr. Baker,
The residents in our neighborhood have become increasingly concerned about crimes in the Clifton area. On our block alone (2200 Payne), there have been 7 break-ins/thefts since September. At least two residents have been broken into more than once. Homes (primarily) and cars. Many more break-ins have happened throughout the Clifton neighborhood as well.

Although police have been quick to respond after the incidents, we would like to see patrols stepped up. Police have told us that patrols of the area are based on the number of calls reporting crimes. Surely the quantity and frequency of crimes on our block alone warrants a closer watch. Most of the residents on our block are single women who work during the day – our elderly neighbor was robbed in his home on Sunday evening. Though we have all been on heightened alert since the incidents began, its clear that we cannot patrol the neighborhood ourselves.

As active young professionals and community enthusiasts, we are committed to Louisville and the Clifton neighborhood as an increasingly vital part of our growing metropolitan city. We have heard the community express similar support for a growing core of younger people in Louisville who will help this community grow and thrive – but we need our community to be safe. It's hard to feel supportive of a neighborhood and city and want to remain a resident when we’re worried that we'll come home to find our property has been violated or is missing each day after work. Or worse, that our fellow residents have been injured. Between our Metro Council, other government officials and the Metro Police Department, we need to see some improvements. Please let us know how you plan to remedy this situation.
Thank You,

Brooke Skinner:
Missy Vitale:
Jennifer Webb:

Response: Chief of Police, Robert White and State Rep Meeks

From: "White, Robert C"
Date: Wed, 5 Feb 2003 11:28:54 -0500
Subject: RE: Clifton area crime concern

Ms. Skinner, I will have some one contact you this week.


RESPONSE: Reginal Meeks, State Representative, 42nd District
Brooke, I attended the Crescent Hill community meeting tonight to share your concern with the community. The LPD officer was aware of the problem and assured us there were uniformed and undercover operations ongoing to stop it. Also, you should be hearing from Chief White who requested one of his assistants follow up. He's a good man and you should be confident of his follow through. Tina Ward Pugh's assistant was there and he was aware also. They are wonderful people who will not let this drop. Please keep me updated on any progress, or lack thereof, and I will do the same. You have my numbers. Use them! All the best!

Response: Office of Tina-Ward Pugh, Council Woman

I wish it were under better circumstances that we were corresponding. I will talk to the First District Police about your concerns and will try and get a regular patrol on your street. I will copy you on any correspondence from this office as to your concerns. Take care in the mean time.
Adam Schneider
Ninth District Legislative Assistant
Date: Mon, 10 Feb 2003 10:37:20 -0500
Subject: RE: Clifton area crime concern
Just a quick update for right now. The First District Police is working on getting a sub station to have a more concrete presence in the neighborhood. Also, Rep. Reggie Meeks was at the Crescent Hill Community Council on Thursday night -even though the meeting was not about Clifton, he brought up your concerns to the officer that was at the meeting. I will give you updates as I hear. I trust this information is helpful. ADAM
[Schneider, Adam]

Posted by mjol on 02/10/2003
Louisville, Kentucky 40206