Clifton Community Council

Sustainable Clifton Committee - 2011


Project List from 10.18.11

  1. Ecological
    1. Fabricate rain barrels & sell in neighborhood low cost.
    2. Encourage churches to disconnect from sewers & engage through a stewardship campaign & energy audits – raised garden beds.
    3. Propose solutions to prevent flooding during major storm events.
    4. Convert all alleys to pervious surfaces.
    5. Light pollution abatement.
    6. Create a green building hub (LEED & Energy Star).
    7. Promote on-site renewables.
  1. Education
    1. How to reduce personal electricity consumption.
    2. Conduct a community-wide climate change vulnerability assessment. This would include understanding how the community is already vulnerable to weather impacts as well as how we might be vulnerable to future changes in climate.
    3. Conduct a community-wide greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory. This would give us critical information to understand where our environmental footprint is the highest so we could target actions.
    4. Develop a sustainability curriculum for schools.
    5. Establish educational Kiosks about sustainability.
    6. Create a “train the trainer” program on climate change & sustainability.
    7. Urban Forestry program with local carbon offsets through tree planting.
    8. Engage community in linking social justice and sustainability.
    9. Promote buy-in by residents. Focus on real cost savings – “green” = $.
    10. Explore for-profit/non-profit/government partnerships.
  1. Transportation
    1. Electric car charging station demo project
    2. Bike lanes on Frankfort Avenue (“Sustainable Complete Streets” -
    3. Light Rail
    4. Rent-a-bike
    5. “Transit for All” – no fares on TARC & reduce parking availability
    6. Trails or designated streets for alternative vehicles, .e.g golf carts, Segways
  1. Economic
    1. Home energy disclosure scores at point of sales (Boston’s Energy Audit Model)
    2. Create a green building hub (LEED & Energy Star) & sponsor a Habitat LEED house
    3. Incentivize density through building codes
    4. Establish building (health?) code for gray water use
    5. More bee hives & chicken flocks. Livestock ordinance for miniature cows.
    6. Establish a small business incubator.
    7. Establish Form Based Codes for development and require triple bottom line (social, economic, & environmental) analysis.
    8. Neighborhood development review to ensure compliance with Title II of ADA and Title VI of Civil Rights Act.





Please read the entire list of sustainable visions. Check your top five and double-check your top one.


People connect with and listen to nature                                                             ____


Clifton feels and acts like a welcoming community for all                                    ____


Meaningful work is available                                                                                ____


There’s ample opportunity to grow food and acquire local produce                     ____


Religious institutions reach out in an inclusive manner                                          ____


There are a variety of accessible health care providers                                       ____


Necessary resources to learn, grow, and contribute are the new normal             ____


Public transit, pedestrian, and bicycle options are world-class                            ____


Aesthetics are more important than “crass commercialism”                                ____


Everyone is a valued member of the community                                                 ____


Resources are available to all                                                                               ____


Everyone has a role when disaster strikes                                                             ____


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