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Sustainable Clifton Committee: 2013-2014




The second iteration of the committee began in 2011. Over the past two years the following has been accomplished.

  • In partnership with DD Williamson, rain over 30 barrels were fabricated and installed. The Payne Street project, in collaboration with MSD, resulted in 25 rain barrels (a combination of our and those supplied by Fifteen Thousand Farmers) being installed.
  • Committee participated in the June 2012 Sustainability Fair on Rastetter.
  • Mike McCoy made a presentation the neighborhood regarding complete streets methodology that includes storm water retention.
  • Consultation with a hydrologist revealed that rain barrels are the proverbial “drop in the bucket” in storm water remediation. Rain gardens and retention strategies appear to have the most efficacy for source point solutions.
  • The Ready Electric property was identified as having potential for sustainable business incubation and, in the future, a transit station.
  • Maps of sewer and storm water pipes revealed that the neighborhood could be parsed into sections and high impact areas identified.
  • The creators of the “Herman Project” made a presentation to the committee.
  • Quarterly articles on “Where Does It Go?” and “What to Remember” (during a rain event) will be produced.
  • Crescent Hill Methodist sponsored Boy Scouts are evaluating taking over the rain barrel project.

The plan is to shift most of these items to the Land Use and Preservation and Newsletter Committees. The Sustainable Clifton Committee will go in “sleep mode”

Minutes: Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Clifton UU, 6:30PM

Present: John Baker, John Beckman, Pam Sheehan, Paul Hohman, Katy Elliott

Presentation on the Herman Project by Art ReSourced, a Recycled Art Collaborative. Linda Erzinger & Tara Remington. Chair will request $100 donation from the Sustainable Clifton account.  

Results of Quarterly article requesting participation. One person wanted us to know about barrels available for $15.00.

Earth Day Hootenanny was well attended and the CCC was represented.

Storm water – What are the options? Tabled. Large roofs: churches, commercial. Industrial. 

Residential: Rain gardens, on-site retention.

 Ready Electric site for business incubator/light rail station. No report.

 Next Meeting. TBD

 Adjourn: 8:15PM.


Minutes - Wednesday, January 23, 2013, 6:30pm – Scarlet Hope, 2305 Sycamore Avenue

Present: David Coyte, Katy Elliott, Pam Sbeehan

  1. Reviewed the results of Nov 7th meeting with Wes from MSD and Tina Ward-Pugh - MSD staff support, possibility of small amt of funds from 9th District
  1. Reviewed the results of Dec 5th meeting with MSD LOJIC reps - mapping may be too resources intensive and the project may proceed without it.
  1. Reviewed the results of a Dec 18th meeting with hydrology engineer -
    Conclusion: Sustainable Clifton should focus on assisting churches and large commercial buildings with downspout disconnection, installation of rain gardens, and possible support from MSD for those improvements. 
  1. David will email Tina to inquire about current rental possibilities for the Ready Electric site on Frankfort Avenue.
  1. Report from Jen Beckman: At one of the previous SC meetings I shared that John and I were looking to move out of the neighborhood and that SC should look for people to continue the rain barrel program and also to store the leftover materials purchased last year with pick-up of the extra stuff to occur hopefully in early spring.
    One item of note from the meeting minutes below is that I have canvassed some of the Clifton businesses about the rebate program MSD offers for businesses to disconnect. MSD needs to go to any businesses that agree and take pics etc. before any disconnect is done for them to get the $ off their bill.
  1. Report by John Baker: At the 12/12/12 BOD meeting, John Beckman submitted an expense report on behalf of Jen Beckman for rain barrel assembly material expenses in the amount of $760.95. John also reported that the gross receipts for 2012 rain barrel installation sales were $1143.80, showing a profit of $382.85 for the Council. John offered a motion to approve this expense, seconded by Anne Walker, and approved unanimously by the board.
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