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Hello friends and neighbors,




Please stop by 287 Haldeman Avenue tomorrow morning or afternoon on 12-16-2015.


Tomorrow, Seven Seas a subcontractor for the Louisville Water Company (Louisville, KY), plan to repave the portion of the “historic” brick hill in front of my home. The company began yesterday, working up from Brownsboro Road and to my eye are doing a great job given circumstances.


HOWEVER, our old, cut limestone curbs are damaged, especially at the foot of the front steps of 285 – 291 Haldeman.


The curb is totally missing at the base of my steps and the first two steps have broken away.


The sequence of repair to our historic brick hill is haphazard.


I will be camped out on the curb in front of my house in the hope of halting brick laying until the curbs are repaired and Louisville Water Company Project Manager Jamie Long (Project # 14311) takes a look herself.


Come see YOURSELF, I look forward to meeting you.


Thank you,

Joyce Borders

Clifton/Crescent Hill resident since 1983

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Joyce, Can you give us an update on this?


Also, have you contacted our Metro councilperson Bill Hollander?




Jackie Read

Louisville, Kentucky 40206